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5% New Garage Door Discount applies to retail price reduction on any new door installations up to $3,000, excluding special contractor wholesale rates.

Do's and Don'ts of DIY Garage Door Repair

You discover a dent in your garage door, and before anyone can ask how it got there you’d like to get it fixed.

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What to Know about Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors aren’t just for businesses - they’re also an appealing complement for any home with a sleek and modern aesthetic.

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There’s an App for That - Even Your Garage Door

You’ve probably heard of smart homes - houses furnished with wifi-connected, intelligent appliances such as lights that dim in the evenings or a thermostat that adjusts for when you’re not home. But have you ever heard of smart garage doors?

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The Overlooked Upgrade: Garage Flooring

Most homeowners never glance twice at their bare concrete slab garage floors, but they might if they knew about the affordable, durable, and far more attractive flooring options on the market today.

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Making your vision come true

Certainly, the world’s most beautiful garage would start with a handsome door from Overhead Door Company of Knoxville.

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