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Is Your Busted Garage Door Stopping Summer Fun?

A busted garage door is a hassle. Maybe the automatic garage door opener stopped working. Maybe the tracks are crooked and it's hard to even manually open or close. That busted door was enough of a problem in cold weather, but in the summer, it's a real fun-stopper.

Many people spend half the summer with their garage open to sunshine and warm breezes. The garage is your starting place for adventure, a shady refuge for outdoor projects, and probably where all your summer gear is stored in totes and boxes. That busted garage door could be stopping more summer fun than you realize.

Trapped Cars Can't Go on Adventures

When your garage door is difficult to open, you're less likely to take your car on summer adventures. Trapped cars can't go to the beach, visit friends or cousins, or even roll the family to the nearby park. Even if your garage opens with some effort, you'll find yourself putting off these typical adventures and family outings to save the trouble, but why waste the beautiful weather just because your garage door isn't working right?

Bicycles Unable to Fly Down the Driveway

Bicycles are even more likely to be trapped instead of flying endlessly down the driveway and around the neighborhood. Children (and adults) on bikes are a hallmark of summer outdoor activity when the weather is clear and the streets are dry. But kids can't open a busted garage on their own, so those bicycles wind up staying in the garage while children seek less active indoor activities to keep themselves busy.

If you miss the happy cries of children circling the house on their bicycles or long for your own summer bicycle explorations that start from the garage, it's probably time to get that busted garage door out of the way so the fun can begin.

Boxes of Summer Toys and Sports Gear Unexplored

Many families keep summer toys and sports gear packed up in totes in the garage during the winter. Balls, jump ropes, shin guards, slip N slides, splash bombs, tennis rackets and all manner of other fun supplies will stay packed up if you can't open up the garage door and unpack the boxes with plenty of driveway space and an outdoor breeze to keep the garage atmosphere fresh.

All those summer toys and sports gear deserve to be played with, and your family deserves the outdoor fun they can bring. A busted garage door shouldn't stop you from using all the equipment you own to have the best possible summer.

Stifled Garage Crafts and Summer Projects

If members of your family are crafty or artistic, the garage is often the starting point of many summer projects. From furniture restoration to sidwalk chalk masterpieces, both adults and children often love to embark on creative projects in the garage that spill out into the driveway on good weather days. If the garage doesn't open easily, however, the heat and still air are too stifling to conduct projects without open air and extra space out on the driveway.

Don't let your faulty garage door stifle that creativity or productivity.

Fixing Up Your Garage Door to Unleash Summer Fun

If your garage door is stuck, unresponsive, or hard to open and close, it may be holding you back more than you realize. That busted garage door could be preventing adventures, exercise, creative projects, and so much more. Summer is a time when fun activities should blossom outward from your garage, with your garage as a shady home-base for all sorts of adventures, games, and works of art.

Overhead Door Knoxville can help you get your garage door back in top condition so your family can enjoy the best summer possible with full and unfettered access to your garage and all the possibilities within.