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Thermacore Elegance: Elevate Your Space with Insulated Door Solutions

Your garage door is a bastion of security and elegance. It provides a convenient and attractive way to keep your garage secure. With an improved design, the garage door can even keep your garage comfortable.

Garage doors are typically made of steel panels that fold and fit together. This single thick layer of steel provides the security you need, but it also tends to turn the garage into an oven in the summer and an ice-box in the winter - a phenomenon that most people are quite familiar with. Fortunately, as technology and design evolve, a new innovation in garage door design has emerged.

Thermacore insulated garage doors offer all the elegance of a traditional garage door with the added benefits of thermal insulation, joint seals, and even greater home security.

The Thermacore Garage Door Design

Theremacore has achieved excellence in garage door design through a triple layer construction of each door panel. The first layer of steel faces the outside world, with a beautiful finish that adds to the curb appeal of any home. The second layer is made of custom fitted panels of polyurethane insulating foam, which gives the door a solidity and thermal insulating quality without adding significant weight. The third layer is steel that encloses the insulation on the interior side, protecting it from moisture and damage while adding to the indoor aesthetic of the door.

Between the folding garage door panels, Thermacore has added section seals which prevent wind or temperature from creeping into the cracks of the door. 

When a Thermacore insulated garage door is closed, there is no light or wind around the edges, and it is wonderfully resistant to outdoor changes in temperature, both in summer and winter due to the engineered insulating perfection of the door design.

The Advantages of an Insulated Garage Door

An insulated garage door offers many significant benefits once installed in your home. With this design, you can enjoy your garage more during any season and rest at ease, knowing your garage is doubly secure, as well.

Protection from Summer Heat and Winter Chill

An insulated garage door is the ideal addition to any home where the summers are hot or the winters are cold. The Thermacore design ensures that the outside temperature will not get in through the door. If you lay your hand on an insulated garage door in the summer, it will be barely warm, and it will only be lightly cool in the winter.

Year-Round Garage Comfort

With an insulated garage door, the interior of your garage will be much more comfortable during extreme temperature seasons because the door will protect the space and will not become a radiating thermal battery as a single layer of steel often does. With a little more insulation around the garage walls, you may enjoy a gentle even temperature for most of the year.

Safe to Heat or Cool Your Garage

Once your garage door and walls are insulated, you will be able to fully take control of your garage temperature with heating and cooling that will have the desired effect because the thermal transfer will be minimized by your Thermalcore garage door and insulated walls.

Doubled Home Security

Lastly, because Thermacore insulated garage doors are made with two layers of steel, they are twice as secure as your average single-layer garage door design. You can increase the comfort and security of your home at the same time.

Home Efficiency and Longevity

In addition to making your garage more comfortable, a Thermacare insulated garage door can also make your home itself more efficient, and provide a boost to your home's longevity. A garage that does not overheat or chill will make it easier to keep your home's internal temperature even, as well. And that durable garage door will provide a long-lasting elegance to your home's curb appeal and functionality for many years to come.

DiscoverThermacare Insulated Garage Doors for Yourself

If you've been contemplating a garage door upgrade, why not choose thermal protection? Thermacore's insulated garage doors enhance the elegance, comfort, and security of your home. To discover the perfect Thermacore garage door for your home upgrade, contact us today.