Decorative Hardware

Garage Door Lift Handle Hardware

Garage door lift handles may be the most functional part of your hardware, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look good too. Here is our full selection of decorative lift handles.

Arrow Lift Arrow Lift
Barcelona Lift Bean Lift
Conifer Lift Fleur de lis Lift Spear Lift

Garage Door Hinge Hardware

Our garage door hinge options cover a variety of styles. Themes can be mixed and matched, or kept within the same collection.

Arrow Hinge Aspen Hinge
Barcelona Hinge Bean Hinge
Conifer Hinge Fleur de lis Hinge Spear Hinge

Garage Door Pull Handle Hardware

Although serving a sheer aesthetic value for the modern garage door, pull handles can add a classic “old-world” feel to your garage door and really help amp up the look of your home. This can be an especially great way to stand out in neighborhoods where home designs tend to be similar.

Arrow Pulls Aspen Pulls
Barcelona Pulls Bean Pulls
Conifer Pulls Fleur de lis Pulls Spear pulls