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5 Tips to Secure Your Garage Door Before Vacationing in 2024

Heading off on a vacation should be a time for worry-free fun, not lingering anxieties about the safety of your home. Add the following strategies to your pre-vacation security checklist to ensure your garage door remains a secure barrier while you're away unwinding.

  1. Use a Lock for Added Protection: Enhance your garage's security by installing a physical lock in addition to your automatic opener to work independently of the electronic opener. It takes considerable effort to maneuver a heavy-duty deadbolt without a key. Consider it an insurance policy for thwarting illegal attempts to force the door open.

  2. Motion-Activated Deterrence: Brightly lit areas are less appealing to burglars and even discourage them from lingering, effectively reducing the risk of break-ins. Equip your garage's surroundings with motion-activated lights that illuminate the area whenever movement is detected, surprising potential intruders.

  3. Smart Technology to the Rescue: Many newer garage door openers are equipped with a Vacation Lock Mode. This nifty feature disables the radio signal receiver to render remotes and keypads useless. Once activated, the only way to open the garage door is through a manual release lever inside. Just remember to deactivate this feature upon your return. Otherwise, you might find yourself reenacting a dramatic bank heist scene, attempting a daring climb through a window to enter your house.

  4. The Good-Old Manual Method: Older garage door openers do not have advanced security features. A simple yet effective solution for older garage door openers is to unplug the unit entirely. Without power, doing so severs the connection between your remote or keypad and the opener, thus preventing unauthorized access. 

  5. Secure Garage Windows: Don't overlook the potential vulnerability of garage windows. Strengthen their security by installing exterior bars for a high level of protection. If aesthetics are a concern, apply window security film on the interior glass to make it considerably harder for intruders to break through. Opt for a tinted film to keep the contents of your garage hidden from prying eyes.

A secure garage is the first line of defense against burglars when away from your home. Before your next vacation, contact Overhead Door Knoxville to schedule an expert garage door inspection as well as replacement and repair services. We're here to ensure your residential or commercial property remains secure so you can enjoy your travels without concern.