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Today Show Investigative Piece: Garage Door Repairs

Recently, the Today Show conducted a hidden-camera investigation on dishonest garage door repairmen in the New York area. The garage door was rigged with a small, inexpensive problem; they loosened a bolt on a senor and angled it downward so it became inoperable. According to the reporter, this would take a qualified, honest repairman about a minute to diagnose and repair.

The first repairman arrived, took 25 seconds to fix the sensor, and charged a service fee of $80.00. The second repairman arrived and told the homeowner that the sensor needed to be replaced and charged her $210.00. The third repairman did not even inspect the door and told the homeowner the sensor was bad and needed replacing and quoted her $410.00 for parts and labor. The last repairman wanted to replace not only the sensors, but the garage door pulleys as well. He charged the homeowner $683.00, plus tax. Of the four companies that came to fix the door, three charged for parts that were not needed.

To protect yourself when you need garage door repair:

Always check to see if the repairmen have signage on their vehicle. (None of the companies in this report had any markings on their truck, while Overhead Door Company of Knoxville and most reputable companies mark all their service vehicles.
Try to get recommendations from friends and family who have had similar repairs done.
Check with your local consumer affairs office to make sure the company you hire is licensed.

We at Overhead Door Company of Knoxville want you to have a positive experience when you call for garage door service. As you can see from the Today Show’s report, not all service companies are equal.

You can be assured that our techs are honest and knowledgeable. Overhead Door Company of Knoxville’s service technicians have an average of over 15 years experience. Our average garage door repair call is near the bottom of the spectrum both locally and nationally, with select competitors averaging over twice our average fees per service call.

If you are looking for a great, honest company for your garage door repairs, call us today at 865-573-1950.