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Winterizing Your Garage: Tips for Navigating the Chill.

Winter's here! And it's freezing.

The early part of the year is always the coldest as we pass through the true depth of winter. That ambient chill seeps up through your home's concrete foundation, whistles through any crack it can find, and turns your garage into an icebox. Most garages are not very well insulated, so they are closer to the outside temperature than the comfortable temperature of your house.

Around this time of year, that results in a cold that can chill you to the bone. The intense cold is not great for your garage door, either. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to protect the integrity of your garage and increase your winter comfort at the same time. Winterizing your garage is something anyone can do, and you'll thank yourself every time your garage is warmer than the winter freeze outside.

Insulate Your Garage Door

One of the best things you can do to keep the chill out is to insulate your garage door. An insulated garage door is very good at resisting both the chill of winter and the heat of summer by keeping the outside temperatures out. It will also protect your garage door from damage related to frost and sudden temperature changes.

Most garage doors are not installed pre-insulated, and there is a space within the shape of each panel that is perfect for insulation foam. You can pick up a DIY kit and cut foam panels to nestle into your garage door sections or you can hire a professional garage door team to expertly insulate the door with added touches like injected filler and new weather stripping.

Add Insulation to the Garage Walls

Of course, just insulating the garage door may not be enough to keep your garage warm in the winter (and cool in the summer). You may also want to insulate your garage walls all the way around. Garage walls are often thin, and panels of rolled foam insulators offer the most efficient way to quickly block out ambient cold and stop cold drafts from getting in.

Replace or Install Fresh Weatherstripping

Weather stripping protects gaps that are meant to open and close. If the weather stripping on your garage door is old, replace it with fresh, fluffy weather stripping that will prevent chill breezes from whistling in through the gaps in the panels. If you have a garage window or side door, be sure to replace their weather stripping as well. You might even find that there wasn't any weather stripping to begin with, so your work will be a marked improvement.

Oil The Garage Door Against Frost-Related Rust

Garage doors can take damage in the winter for two reasons: sudden temperature changes and frost-related rust. Insulating the garage door will protect it from sudden temperature changes. Applying oil in all the right places can help to protect its joints and hinges from frost-related rust and the maintenance problems these can cause.

Put Down Rugs or Coat the Floor

The cold can also get into your garage through the floor, too. Especially if you have an exposed concrete slab. In the winter, the ground itself is cold and that cold radiates through the concrete. You can minimize the garage chill by putting down utility rugs or by clearing the space and coating the floor in a rubber-like polyurea mixture. This thick and springy floor covering is a good insulator, while also sealing concrete cracks and providing a safer, smoother, and more attractive floor surface. It's also perfectly safe to drive on.

Install a Garage Heater

Once you've insulated the walls, floor, and garage door, you're almost ready for a warm winter garage. The final touch is to install a durable garage heater. Choose a unit that can be safely installed in your space and has the oomph to fill your garage space with heat. Place the switch near the house door into the garage or even on a smart home control so you can get the garage warming up before venturing out. Paired with your insulation work, your garage will soon be comfortable and cozy in the winter and even resistant to heat in the summer.

Take Winter Care of Your Garage Door with Overhead Door Knoxville

If you notice damage to your garage door at any point during the winterization process, Overhead Door Knoxville is here to help. Contact us for a professional inspection, garage door insulation services,  feature upgrades, and of course, timely repairs. Our team is ready to ensure that your garage door doesn't take winter damage and to quickly resolve any concerns. Let us give you the winter-season garage door services you need.