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9 Smart and Safe Features That Come With New Garage Doors

Your garage door is an integral part of the home. It protects your garage from bad weather and unwanted intruders, but it probably isn't the most efficient part of your house. Garage doors are often installed at the same time as the house, meaning many garage doors in use today are over 20, 30, or even 50 years old. In that time, every other appliance in the house has likely been replaced, so why not the garage?

Whether your garage door has been recently damaged or you're just tired of grappling with "the clicker" for loud and unreliable performance, you should know what a new garage door installation has in store. Recent garage door designs offer a great range of smart home, safety, and quality improvements that you're sure to love.

Smart Garage Door Controls

Smart garage door openers provide a combination of convenience and security unparalleled by any previous era of garage door design. There are so many ways to open and close your garage door while taking absolute control over security and access settings.

  • Phone App Garage Door Opener
    • Leave the clicker behind. Each family member can open the garage door with a phone app, instead.
  • Assignable Key Code Entry
    • Enjoy advanced key code management, assigning individual codes to family members, guests, and even service personnel. The codes can be active at different times of day and changed at any time to increase home security.
  • Voice Control Garage Door Opener
    • You can also use voice control through your smart home of choice to open or close the garage door.
  • After-Hours Lockup Protocol
    • Security settings include the ability to set a time when the garage automatically closes and stays closed, except for direct signals from approved users.

High Tech Operation

The technology used to craft garage doors has also improved. If you're tired of the old rattling track or misaligned detection cameras, you'll enjoy these upgrades. These offer improved performance and user experience for anyone installing a new garage door or replacing an old garage door with a new model.

  • Quiet Garage Door Tracks
    • Quiet garage door tracks have been introduced, which allow nearly whisper-quiet opening and closing.
  • Advanced Safe-Close Detection System
    • Laser, camera, and other safety detection methods have become better designed and more reliable.

The Latest Garage Door Materials

Finally, new garage doors are made of far superior materials compared to garage doors of decades past. Now, you can enjoy greater insulation, durability, and attractiveness in your garage door design.

  • Improved Insulation for Year-Round Comfort
    • Insulated garage doors using custom-form insulation provide greater temperature control that can help keep your garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter without turning into an oven or ice box.
  • Greater Durability and Security
    • Improved quality materials offer greater durability and security in the face of storms or invaders.
  • Stylish New Door Options
    • The latest garage door styles allow you to upgrade the exterior appearance of your home.

Upgrade Your Home with a Smart and Safe New Garage Door

If your garage door is noisy, unresponsive, damaged, or just plain old, it may be time for an upgrade. Knowing all the recent innovations in smart and safe garage door design can help you know what to look for when choosing a replacement. At Overhead Door Knoxville, we are proud to provide fast and reliable garage door installation services, including access to the latest garage door designs and smart garage door opener options. 

Contact us today to consult on the best garage door upgrade for your home and schedule your installation.