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Free Time and Peace of Mind Come With a New Garage Door

Your garage door doesn't get the respect it deserves for both curb appeal and function. Most people think of their garage door as nothing more than a barrier to block bugs and keep people from searching through their cars. While these are all legitimate garage door jobs, it only scratches the surface of what a garage door can do. You may think that your older, worn-down garage door is fine how it is, but it could be causing you more headaches and inconvenience than you think. These are only a few reasons why upgrading your garage door will simplify your life. 

Enhanced Security

Think about how many times a week you open and close your garage door. For many of us, it is the main door of our house, and burglars might agree. Even if a bad guy doesn't break into your main home, they can damage and steal valuable items from your vehicle and garage if your garage door isn't secure. Older garage doors, especially those starting to decay, have weak points that will allow would-be intruders to bend or break your door to get in, and someone willing to break in and steal doesn't care what kind of damage they do in the process. Even if you live in a relatively safe neighborhood, there is always the chance of a stray raccoon or birds sneaking through a hole in the door and setting up shop in your garage. Newer doors won't have these vulnerabilities and will likely be more structurally sound overall. If you are especially worried about someone breaking into your home, check out a steel door for more peace of mind. 

Energy Saving

Since the garage door doesn't lead directly into the home, many people don't realize the importance of an insulated door. Most garages aren't climate-controlled, so they are only a few degrees hotter or colder than outside, especially with an older garage door. That temperature can seep into your home through the door from the garage into the home. A new garage door will be better insulated to keep the ambient temperature in the garage closer to that of the house, saving energy costs throughout the year. 

Less Maintenance

Whether it's a new car or a new garage door, anytime you buy something brand new, it's like a breath of fresh air because it doesn't take as much maintenance as the old one. Not worrying about when your garage door will break down or how often you have to paint it to keep it looking presentable will give you peace of mind and more time to do other things. Less maintenance also means less cost, which, paired with the energy savings, will help the new door pay for itself. 

Cool Features

Technology never stops improving in any industry, including the garage door industry. New garage door technologies that will make your life easier and more efficient include things like Wi-Fi door motors that allow you to see if your garage door is open from anywhere in the world and open and close it right from your phone. Another excellent garage door feature that we offer is a backup battery, so even if the power goes out, you can operate your garage door normally. 

Improve Curb Appeal

We really don't appreciate how much our garage door is the face of our homes until we upgrade it. When you replace a drab old garage door with one of our newer high-end doors, your home will look twenty years younger. It may not do much to free up your time, but it will make you feel much better every time you pull into your driveway and see how much aesthetic appeal your new door adds to your home. 

One Simple Change Leads to Major Improvements

Any one of the features is reason enough to consider upgrading your garage door, but one simple change gives you all of these benefits and more. Stop stressing about how your garage door looks or if it is structurally sound enough to keep out pests and burglars; contact us today so we can work with you to find the perfect garage door. We'll work with you to ensure you get the right materials, colors, and styles to give you peace of mind and give your home the facelift it deserves.