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Before You Call Another Garage Door Company...

In today’s digital world, it is easier than ever for many forms of deception and scam artists to thrive. Take for example this article from The Dallas Morning News in Dallas, TX. The article talks about a California-based company operating not just in Texas, but all over the United States, posing as various local companies, in order to confuse consumers and gain business. What’s worse, the service provided was shoddy and way overpriced, not to mention the “extras” they were able to sell to their unwitting victim.
Using a DBA (doing business as) name like “Overhead Garage Door Services”, along with a network of websites and ads, this company was able to gain business intended for an actual local company; namely Overhead Door Co. of Dallas, owned locally by Gary Keown.

Mason Miller, a Dallas resident, was taken for a ride, to the tune of an additional $1,600 in unnecessary charges, according to the article. When Miller called to ask for help programming the garage door opener in his car, the tech talked him into a slew of add-ons he probably didn’t need such as new springs, a motor adjustment, new rollers and a new center bearing plate with new bearings.

“We at Overhead Door Company of Knoxville have seen similar behavior even in our own area”, said Nathan Cox, divisional manager of Overhead Door Co. of Knoxville.

Unfortunately, the best piece of advice for consumers, says Nathan, is to always question techs about why new parts are needed and to ask them directly whether the new part or service is absolutely necessary in their professional opinion. According to Nathan, that usually is enough to “straighten up their spine”. Otherwise, he says, they may be less crucial of their own recommendations, thinking of them as only as suggestions that the consumer may freely accept or decline, which their sales managers often encourage, in order to increase the average sale per service call.

Compared to many local and national garage door service companies, the average sale per service call with Overhead Door Company of Knoxville stays near the bottom of the spectrum.

Are you looking for an honest garage door company in the Knoxville area or surrounding counties? Trust the honest techs at Overhead Door Company of Knoxville.