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7 Warning Signs that Might Signal Your Garage Door Is Breaking Down

If you notice these signs before things get too bad, you might be able to intervene, but you have to be vigilant, to avoid long-term issues. Here are signs that your garage door is on the verge of being faulty and unusable:

The Door is Moving Slowly

Of course, it takes a little while for garage doors to open, and you shouldn't expect that your door will open in a flash. However, if you start to notice that your garage door is taking longer than it usually would, that might be a sign there's something wrong. Certain parts of your garage door can wear down due to use, over time. So, if the door is moving too slowly, it might be because the door is damaged from overuse.

Opening or Closing Isn't Working

The most important feature of a garage is that it keeps your car and your belongings dry and undamaged. So, if your garage begins to have trouble closing or opening, you might risk damaging your precious belongings. Don't ignore a garage door that won't shut all the way. Even if it is only a few inches off the ground, it could mean there are large issues at hand.

However, it's important to note that you should check for a few simple things before you assume the garage door is broken. Make sure there aren't any items too close to the door, that are blocking it and making it unable to open or close. Moreover, check the batteries in your garage remote, if you have one with batteries. If you're all good in these areas, then the door might be broken.

The Door Opens or Closes by Itself

You might get scared if your garage door opens and closes without you switching it on. Although you probably don't have to worry about an intruder being the person who did it, you might have other reasons to be scared, because the door might be broken. There is a chance the signal from your remote to your garage has been interrupted or disturbed in some way, but oftentimes, this malfunction means there's an issue with your door.

Noises Come from the Garage Door

Whether you hear pops, rattling, squeaks, or other strange noises, it's unlikely a good sign if you're hearing obnoxious noises. Sometimes, things like squeaks can be quieted with a little bit of garage door lubricant. However, it's a worse sign when you hear rattles or pops—these could mean a part fell off or broke.

The Door is Jerky

jerky door isn't normal. If you start to notice that your door is repeatedly jerky, loud, and unruly, that could be a sign a spring or something else has broken. Don't overlook this, because it needs to be addressed.

You See Exposed Cords or Wires That Are Broken

Sometimes, homeowners see exposed wires and ignore them. Although it might not be a bad thing to see a few exposed wires, depending on the kind of door you have, it is never good if you see wires and cords that are frayed or snapped. This could lead to safety and functional issues.

The Door Goes off Its Tracks

Don't try to fix a door that goes off its tracks yourself. This issue has the potential to be dangerous, and you need to consult the professionals if you see a door that isn't closing on its tracks. Overhead Door Knoxville has a team of experts who could assist you if there's something wrong with your garage door. If you notice any of these signs—or something else that's suspicious— Contact us or call us today at (865) 573-1950 for more information on what we can do for you.