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Transform Your Garage Into a Home Gym in 6 Easy Steps!

Fitness equipment isn't exactly small, so people who love working out at home often run out of space and can't maximize their workout routine. However, there is a hidden room attached to your house that most people don't think about, in the garage. If your garage isn't being used, it is easy to transform it into a workout room that will give you more space and allow you to add the equipment you need to take your workout to the next level. 

1. Clear Everything Out

Safety comes first, and workouts can get intense, so your first step is to clear everything out of your garage that you need to minimize accidents. Once you have moved all the stuff out, you should sweep the floor and clean all the surfaces you can. The last thing you want is to drop a weight on the ground and have a decade's worth of dust blow up into your face. 

2. Put Down Flooring 

Adding rubber flooring to the garage floor is relatively inexpensive and creates a much safer environment. Most of this flooring lies over the regular floor and connects like a puzzle, so there is no need for extra tools or experience. The best part is if you ever decide to convert the garage to something else, that flooring comes up with no problem. 

3. Create a Floor Plan

You've probably been dreaming about where everything will go for a while, but things change when you see how much room you have. Take a walk around your empty garage and create a floor plan to see what is the most convenient and how much room you'll have to move around. 

4. Replace Elements

Garages are built for cars, so certain elements may not work for your new home gym. You may want to replace some lighting, and you'll probably want to install a new garage door. A garage door with windows will increase your natural light, but that is only one aspect to consider. A new garage door will be better insulated to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Of course, a new garage door opener will make it easier to open the door for some fresh air when the temperature is just right. 

5. Add Equipment

Once everything is cleaned out and replaced, it is time to add your equipment. Add all the equipment you already have into the garage before rushing out to buy more to ensure that your floor plan will work and that you like the layout. Once you know you'll love the new gym; you can finally add all the new equipment you've been dreaming about. 

6. Don't Forget the Fun Stuff

If you are going all out, don't forget to add some fun elements to your new space. A mini-fridge to store water and sports drinks is a good idea, and a TV or radio for entertainment is a must. Fans will help keep the air moving around the gym and maximize your comfort level. You can also decorate your gym with whatever posters motivate you to work harder. For the most extreme weather times of the year, you may want to add a space heater and air conditioner. Even with an insulated garage door and fans, you will likely want a little help regulating the temperature. 

Get Fit!

Transforming your garage into a gym is a fun project that most people can do relatively quickly. Apart from having a garage door specialist install the perfect new door for your gym, most work can be done by yourself in a day or two. You'll be the envy of all your friends, and your new upgraded space will give you even more motivation to get out there and put in some work.

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