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How to Avoid Overpaying for Garage Door Repairs

We’ve all heard horror stories of someone taking their car in for a simple repair, and they drive out thousands of dollars lighter. There are a lot of good and honest mechanics out there, but a few bad apples pad jobs and drive up their bills. The same is true for garage door repairmen: there are a lot of good ones, but be on the lookout for the bad ones. Here are some tips to help you avoid overpaying on your next garage door repair.

Choose Carefully

Start by finding a company with a good reputation, indicated by a large number of positive online reviews. Even if you already know the company you would like to call, be sure that you’re calling the right one. Sometimes a fly-by-night handyman company will establish a name that’s meant to imitate a competitor, intentionally - or sometimes even unintentionally - causing confusion that will drive sales. If you plan to call the Overhead Door Company, look for our trusted Red Ribbon and you’ll be sure you’ve got the right place! 

Ask Questions Early

Before a repairman is dispatched to your home, describe your problem over the phone and ask for a preliminary estimate for the repair costs. A straight-shooting company can often provide you with an expectation of the replacement costs of broken parts. Be wary of companies with aggressive sales techniques, such as those who refuse to consult over the phone and instead insist upon coming out to your house. 

For most simple issues, Overhead Door Company can provide an estimate over the phone. For more complex problems, we’ll perform a free consultation on-site, giving you time to consider your options. All our sales staff are cross-trained as technicians, so when you call us, you’re talking to someone with field experience, so they can provide an informed opinion before a technician is sent to inspect the problem.

Padding the Job

Sometimes while a serviceman is working, they’ll find worn out garage door components that need to be replaced soon. Unfortunately, some servicemen will recommend replacing parts that are in good working condition. If you suspect the latter is true, ask questions, inspect the part yourself, and if you’re on the fence, you can always get a second opinion. Don’t feel pushed into making a decision on the spot.

Your Feedback Matters

Remember that most repairmen are good people who genuinely want to perform a quality service. But if you had a bad experience with a company, be sure to leave a review alerting others to the issue. A good company that cares about its reputation will often respond to negative reviews, and will attempt to explain or remediate the situation. Similarly, if you had a positive experience, let others know by leaving a review. 

Overhead Door Company of Knoxville

Reputation is important to us. We’re a family-owned company, having served the Knoxville area since the 1930s. We’re dedicated to providing quality products and quality service. So when it comes to your next garage door repair job, look for the trusted Red Ribbon. 

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