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What to Know about Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors aren’t just for businesses - they’re also an appealing complement for any home with a sleek and modern aesthetic. They’re attractive and they bring in the sun, but how do they compare to more conventional garage doors? When you’re considering glass, here are some things you should know.


Our glass doors are available in a diverse array of offerings. For privacy while still allowing natural light, the windows can be laminated white, tinted, satin etched, or frosted with impact-rated polycarbonate. 

There are also insulated and non-insulated options, along with double strength for harsh wind and weather conditions. The standard glass is clear, but we have 188 powder coat color options to best match your home. The metal railing between the windows is also available in a variety of widths and colors.

Curb Appeal

When the housing market shifts to favor buyers over sellers, you’ll be glad you invested in giving your home an often overlooked but still significant competitive edge. Garage doors are prominent features of any home, particularly when they face the street. A glass garage door from Overhead Door Company will attract buyers and boost your home value.

Energy Efficiency

Insulated windows retain temperature far better than their ancestors, but nothing competes with a ThermaCore insulated garage door - and glass is no exception. If your garage is exposed to direct daylight, this may be less of an issue during colder months until the sun goes down. During the summer, the extra heat may become undesirable, though that can be relieved with an appropriate tint. 


While glass is resilient against the rainforest conditions in East Tennessee, won’t rot, and won’t accumulate mold, repair costs can be high. A small crack may require an entire panel to be replaced. The good news is tempered glass is sturdy and doesn’t shatter like normal glass, so safety is far less of a concern.


Installation costs for glass doors are often higher than traditional ones. An investment in a garage door replacement typically results in the most bang for your back in terms of home resale value and cost recovery, but not every home needs a glass door and not every budget can accommodate one.

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Our Model 9920 heavy-duty frame door can be built to withstand high-impact wind conditions up to hurricane-force winds. The 9920 carries the approval of the Florida Building Code State and Impact ratings, so it’s tough enough to stand up to whatever Tennessee can throw at it.

The aluminum framing carries the added benefit of rust resistance, requiring no paint touch-ups or regular care.

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