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Better Organization is Easy with Popular Garage Track Systems

Your Garage Makeover: Part 2

Is your garage so cluttered you can’t even park in it? Has the mess gotten so out of hand that you keep the door closed so no one can see the untidy piles? You may be in good company, as this is a common problem.

It might be time for a garage makeover. To complement the beauty of our Overhead Door Company door systems, here are some tips for managing your family’s garage.

Get on track to better organization

Homeowners in East Tennessee have the ideal option for organization in handy Garage Track Systems.

Wall track systems are steel rails that attach horizontally to construction studs. You slip in an array of hooks and holders, sliding freely left to right, then locking into place. Garage track systems can support a surprising amount of weight. As your needs evolve, you can reposition or add new accessories down the road.

Popular hooks and accessories include:

  • Utility hooks
  • Multipurpose hooks
  • Power tool holder for lawn trimmers/blowers
  • Cord managers
  • Ball racks (basketballs, soccer, kickballs)
  • Hose hooks
  • Wire baskets and bins
  • Vertical and horizontal bike racks

Some systems even allow you to hang cabinets on the wall tracks.

An alternative to permanently mounted hooks

Unlike utility hooks screwed directly into drywall, wall tracks allow you to reposition hooks over time, as you add power tools or dispose of bulky kids’ toys! And a properly installed track system distributes weight over the width of your wall unit. Check out these informative videos on two leading track systems:


Putting the best face on it

Remember you can always “cover” the mess of a garage with a beautiful and functional garage door from Overhead Door Company. Available in an array of materials and finishes, Overhead Door products are weathertight and contribute to the overall value of your home. Browse our extensive lineup of beautiful garage door offerings. Our consultants are available to work with you in finding the best solution for a new replacement door.

Let us help

If you live in Knox, Anderson, Roane, Union, Grainger, Hamblen, Jefferson, Sevier, Blount, or Loudon county, Overhead Door Company of Knoxville can serve all your garage door needs. Click here or call 865.635.9320. We will happily consult with you and provide you with a professional service call or estimate.

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