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Storage Space at a Premium?

Kick-Off a Springtime Garage Makeover

For many in East Tennessee, the garage is doing double duty. It’s a safe haven for our expensive and essential motor vehicles. It’s also a workshop space or storage catch-all for the stuff that doesn’t fit inside the house.
As you approach garage spring-cleaning, consider some innovative storage systems to help keep your garage floors free from clutter and safety hazards, as well as to keep you better organized.

Wall storage

Pegboard has been a go-to solution for garage denizens since the 1950s. The surface is a perforated hardboard, designed to accept pegs or hooks to hold various items, such as tools in a workshop. You’ll find dozens of hook designs to hold a myriad of items.

More recently, slatwall has transitioned from a fixture in retail stores to a workhorse in garages. These systems are composed of 4-by-8-foot slotted panels. Choose peg hooks, brackets, and small shelves that tilt and lock into place. Slatwall can contribute a cleaner, premium look to your garage walls.


Choose pegboard or slatwall to organize hand tools and small objects.


Long-handled tools

You can hang rakes, brooms, shovels, and the like on your wall. Or you may choose to collect all of your long-handled tools in a freestanding organizer.

Another DIY suggestion is to adapt a shipping pallet, stood on its end and secured on a wall, to accept those extended handles and keep your tools tidy.

Keep long-handled tools corralled in a
dedicated racking system.


Specialty storage

Get a grip on sports equipment with a rack that captures racquets, gloves, and loose rolling balls. For the golfer in the family, consider an organizer caddy that manages shoes, balls, tees, golf bags, and more.


Sports fans cheer specialty caddies for
organizing their recreational gear.

Need more room? Look up!

The biggest opportunity may be to claim space overhead. If your garage floor has too many boxes, bicycles, and balls, consider some overhead racking.

Many different systems are on the market. Be sure to secure fasteners to the joists and studs in the garage for best security. Fixed racks can be economical. They can support a surprising amount of weight, held right over the hood of your parked car.

More complex systems can feature a motorized lift. Access your boxes and treasures at ground level, then run the unit up overhead for long-term storage.

Invest in overhead racking for long-term storage
of equipment and treasures.

Wheels up

Bicycles are especially difficult and clumsy to store. No problem with a bike hoist system! These systems again bolt into the ceiling joists. Simple hooks, pulleys, and nylon rope combine to hoist bikes up and out of the way. For high ceilings, you may be able to walk under the secured bicycle. In other situations, you may want to set up closer and parallel to a wall.



Freeing more space overhead? Discover Infinity 2000

If your planning potential is curtailed by an overhead door lift with chain drive or belt, it may be time to upgrade to the Overhead Door Infinity 2000. This new wall-mounted opener is installed adjacent to the garage door, conjoined with the torsion bar shaft.

It features the range of options you’ve come to expect from Overhead Door Company: emergency release handle, Safe-T-Beam® auto-reversing system, door lock, automatic LED lighting, CodeDodger® encrypted remotes, and more. Homeowners find that Infinity 2000 delivers quieter operation than belt/chain systems. And the unit can lift doors up to 850 lbs.

Reclaim some unobstructed ceiling space and greater storage flexibility.


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