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5 Answers to Important Questions About Garage Doors

5 Answers to Important Questions About Garage Doors

· From new construction to remodeling/refreshing existing systems, some FAQs about overhead garage doors

· Best investment of your remodeling dollar? See # 4 below!

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Q.   We are planning to construct a new garage.  Are there standard door widths? Other size considerations?

A. Congratulations on your new building project! Standard residential door widths are 8 feet with double doors at 16 feet; standard heights are 7 to 8 feet. So many east Tennesseans have oversized vehicles and want a garage to keep them protected; your garage may require a customized door taller or wider than the average. The good news is that you are early in your planning process; this is a great time to meet with a consultant from Overhead Door Company of Knoxville.

Q. East Tennessee has a fairly mild winter climate. Can I save money and not insulate a new garage door?

A. Keep in mind that a garage door opening is essentially a very large hole in your garage. If yours is an attached garage, and the regular entrance to your home, any air may pass quickly into your living area. An insulated door will keep temperatures in your garage fairly stable, minimizing temperature variations in the home. Also, an insulated door is generally quieter. We recommend an insulated garage door; let us work with you to find the right fit for your tastes and budget.

Q. My garage door is showing signs of its age. Can a garage door be painted? Additionally, can a section of the door be replaced, rather than replacing the entire door?

A. Many residential garage doors can be painted. Steel doors have a baked-on powder coating. You may want to consult a professional painter for best results. Also, garage door sections can be replaced in some cases, making your door almost as good as new; consult an Overhead Door professional about your unique situation.

Q. Can a new garage door improve the value of my home at resale time?

A. As a national average, a garage door replacement leads the pack of home improvements, with an average 97.5% of the job cost value (a minor kitchen remodel recoups just 80.5% of the job cost value). Consider a new garage door, or perhaps a new opener or other accessories, as you evaluate your home for potential sale.

Q. How can my garage affect the resale of my home?

A. Your garage is a vital part of that “curb appeal,” prized by buyers and savvy real estate agents. A garage door can comprise up to 40% of the frontage of a home. You want to make a lasting first impression with an attractive garage door in good repair. Consider upgrades such as an automatic opener, an exterior keypad, battery backup, and even access by a phone app or home monitoring system. Refresh your garage with a modern shelving/storage system or a repainted/sealed floor. Your garage is of keen interest to many potential homebuyers; the right combination can net you thousands of dollars more at the bargaining table.

Best source of advice?

We can help you to review your options for a new or replacement door. If you live in Knox, Anderson, Roane, Union, Grainger, Hamblen, Jefferson, Sevier, Blount, or Loudon county, we can serve all your garage door needs. Click here or call 865.375.5859 to tell us about your situation. The pros at Overhead Door Company of Knoxville will happily collaborate with you and provide you with a professional service call or estimate.