How To Program Your Garage Door Opener

Odyssey® and Destiny®: Program a Wireless Keypad

Learn how to program the new Overhead Door Odyssey® and Destiny® garage door openers to a CodeDodger® 1 Wireless Keypad.

Recommendation: Bring the wireless keypad next to the power head to save time and steps. This will cut down on frustrating time outs.  Have your previously programmed remote on hand as well.

Prior to programming, ensure that

  • all elements of the systems are properly assembled and installed
  • limits are set
  • force profile is set
  • one button on an existing remote has been programmed to the power head

Programming CodeDodger® 1 Wireless Keypad

On your wireless keypad:      

  1. In order, press and simultaneously hold the Program, 6 and Up/Down keys.
  2. When all of the lights on the keypad go out, release all 3 keys.
  3. Press in order: 3-5-7-Program. The red LED will begin to flash at one flash per second.
  4. Enter your desired PIN (3 to 8 digits)
  5. Press the PROGRAM key. The red LED will flash 2 times, then turn off. The PIN is now set.


On the power head:

  1. Press and hold square PROGRAM Setbutton until you see the long and short LED turn blue; release and you will see the short blue LED only
  2. Press and release the PROGRAM Set button again; the short blue LED will go out; the long purple LED will flash


On your previously programmed CodeDodger 2 remote control (Odyssey or Destiny):

  1. Press and release the button already programmed to the power head. Both long and short LEDs on the power head should flash purple.


On your wireless keypad

  1. Enter the PIN that you have selected, then press the Up/Down arrow key. Both LEDs on the power head will change from flashing purple to solid purple.
  2. Press and release the Up/Down arrow key again. Both LEDs on the power head will change from solid purple to solid blue. This confirms your connection.
  3. Press and release the Up/Down key again to operate your opener.

The remote is now programmed.


Mounting Instructions

The keypad must be mounted in sight of the door(s), at least 5 feet above the ground and clear of any moving door parts. Mounting screws are located inside the battery compartment.


  • Remove battery cover and batteries
  • Drill a 1/16" pilot hold for the tip mounting screw.
  • Install a screw into the drilled hole, leaving a 1/8" gap between the screw head and the wall.
  • Hook the keypad over the screw.
  • Mark and drill pilot hole and fasten bottom screw.
  • Install batteries and cover.