How To Program Your Garage Door Opener

Odyssey® and Destiny®: Program a CodeDodger® 1 Remote

Programming CodeDodger® 1 Remotes

To program a CodeDodger 1 remote you must have a CodeDodger 2 remote available and already programmed.

On the power head:

  1. Press and hold the PROGRAM button until both LEDs turn BLUE.
  2. Press the PROGRAM set button again to select the Remote Program menu (long blue LED flashes).

On your existing Code Dodger 2 remote control:

  1. Press and release your already programmed remote button; (both LEDs flash steadily).

On your Code Dodger 1remote control:

  1. Press and release your desired remote button; (both LEDs glow solid).
  2. Press and release again.
  3. Press again to operate the door. The remote is now programmed.