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How To Select An Insulated Garage Door In Knoxville

So, you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade to an insulated garage door for a safer and more comfortable summer environment in your home. (Why? Read this post for 3 ways an insulated garage door can help beat the heat.) 

What’s next, though? How do you make a smart decision about which insulated garage door is the best option for your home in the Knoxville area?

We’re here to help. Below is a brief insulated garage door research guide to help get you started. And, if you would like more in-depth assistance in the process, it’s easy to reach out to us online or call us (865-573-1950).

What is R-value?

First, R-value is the rating of thermal efficiency—or how well a material blocks heat transfer from one area to another. The higher the R-value, the better the material’s insulating properties and thermal efficiency. The total range of R-values starts at 0 and has no theoretical limit.

Overhead Door Company of Knoxville’s insulated garage door models have an R-value based on the construction and materials used. We calculate the R-value for your home’s garage door based on the number and types of panels used, factoring each panel’s R-value into the overall total.

In the greater Knoxville area, the EPA recommends a wall’s R-value insulation be between 11 and 13 (source). For best performance, your insulated garage door should match this closely.

Types of Garage Door Materials

Only two garage door materials really provide decent insulating benefits:

  • Insulated Steel (strong performance)
  • Wood (average performance)

Other garage door materials provide little or no insulating benefits, such as:

  • Standard/Traditional Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Fiberglass

We offer a beautiful collection of traditional wood garage doors at Overhead Door Company of Knoxville. But our insulated garage door collections are primarily focused around Thermacore® technology. Thermacore uses the best performing insulation material: insulated steel with a polyurethane core. This top-notch insulated garage door is the best choice for homes in the Knoxville area.


About Thermacore® Insulation

Furthermore, our Thermacore insulation features premium insulation construction for strong thermal efficiency performance and reduced air infiltration. Depending on the model of door, your Thermacore insulated garage door’s R-value could rate between 9.31 and 17.5.

Thermacore insulation is CFC-free and ozone safe. The polyurethane inner layer is sandwiched between two layers of corrosion-resistant steel for maximum thermal efficiency. In addition, there is a thermal seal between each garage door section for superior air infiltration blocking.


Bonus: Other Pro Tips & Recommendations

Looking for additional steps to improve the safety and comfort of your garage? Here are a few key actions that can make an impact:

  • Check/replace garage door weatherstripping
  • Insulate the walls of your garage
  • Install a standalone gas or electric heater to the garage

Last Step: Design Your Garage Door

Lastly, the best part of choosing a new garage door is designing it to match your tastes and your home. With the Thermacore® collection, you can choose the:

  • Color
  • Panel Design
  • Window Design (optional based on the model)
  • Glass Treatment
  • Wind Load performance

Additionally, an insulated garage door with the Thermacore technology doesn’t only improve your home’s thermal efficiency and comfort. The Thermacore collection also features premium visual design that makes a major impact on your home’s outdoor aesthetic.

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Ready To Start?

We can help you get started with your insulated garage door upgrade and give you the best options for your wants and needs. If you live in Knox, Anderson, Roane, Union, Grainger, Hamblen, Jefferson, Sevier, Blount, or Loudon county, we can serve all your garage door needs. Click here or call (865) 573-1950 to tell us about your concerns. We will happily collaborate with you and provide you with a professional service call or estimate.

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