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Garage Door Repair for Severe Storms, Winds, and Hail

Spring’s arrival is a breath of fresh air for most, bringing longer days and warmer weather. And, while those milder temperatures might be kinder to some of the mechanical parts of your garage door system—like the garage door springs—this is also the season of severe storms and wind-driven damage resulting in major garage door repair (especially in the Knoxville area). 

These destructive forces have an enormous impact on the operation of your garage door system. Some simple choices and preparation could make a difference between an inexpensive garage door repair and major home disaster recovery.

Garage Door Storm Damage Problems

How is your garage door system related to a potential major home disaster, you ask? Let’s turn to Jack Stumpff, president of Secure Enterprises and expert on the impact of hurricane-force winds on homes. 

"As much as 80 percent of the dollar damage to residences in Hurricane Andrew was attributed to garage doors," Stumpff said. "If the garage door fails, the roof is likely to be damaged and then the damage to the home is severe.” (Read more on

While hurricanes are a pretty rare occurrence in the greater Knoxville area, wind damage isn’t. Tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and hail are regular visitors to East Tennessee this time of the year. Their effects can create a garage door repair need just as much as hurricane winds. 

Knoxville Garage Door Repair needed when wind damage occursWind Structure Interaction


  • High winds first create pressure against the windward side of the structure.
  • During high wind events, debris can become powerful projectiles that can damage the garage door, reducing the door's ability to protect the home against damaging winds.
  • Pressure increases when the wind moves around the corner and down the side of the building.
  • Garage doors with no reinforcement can buckle under the pressure, giving the high winds access to the interior of the structure.
  • This often results in the roof members and wall panels being blown apart, allowing rain, wind and debris to have easy access inside.


And the problems don’t stop with wind damage — power surges generated from lightning strikes are a major cause of garage door system failure.

Lightning may not strike every home, but probability tells us that about 1 in 200 homes are hit by lightning every year (read more). When your home is hit by lightning, the power surge can damage your garage door opener along with other electronics in your home—leading to a potentially preventable and costly repair bill. 

What To Do About It

Don’t fret! We’re here to help provide simple solutions and steps you can take to avoid the need for professional garage door repair. However, we are here should Knoxville’s annual barrage of severe weather damage your garage door system.  

Here are some things to consider for storm-proofing your garage door system:

1) Have a garage door surge protector installed to prevent power surges to your garage door opener.

While it may be tempting to install a basic surge protector from the store, it may not be the right fit for your opener and could void your warranty. You should have a garage door professional install the proper surge protection system for your garage door opener. For a marginal extra expense, you could be saving hundreds in garage door repair expenses the next time an East Tennessee storm hits.

P.S.: Many electricians now offer whole-home surge protection as well, which may be worth exploring.

2) Consider an impact-resistant wind-load garage door for your home if you are concerned about high winds and protection from the severe effects of a garage door breach.

While this may not be the greatest concern for many in the greater Knoxville area, it is a good safety precaution and it could also lower your insurance premiums (more on this). There’s also added value to wind-resistant garage doors, like protection from winter winds that can affect the energy efficiency and warmth of your home. 

3) Have a garage door opener battery backup installed to back up your garage door opener power.

The next time severe Knoxville weather knocks out the power, you won’t get stuck outside after racing home to safety!

How To Know When Garage Door Repair Is Needed

It may be that your garage door system has sustained storm damage that needs repair or replacement. Here are some indicators that a garage door repair or replacement may be required to resume normal operation: 

  • The garage door opens or closes erratically
  • The garage door doesn't open or close with either the remote, keypad, or the wall switch
  • The door won’t open or close all the way 
  • The garage door opens back up automatically after hitting the floor
  • The garage door opener motor is running but nothing is happening
  • Unusual lights flash on the garage door opener

If any of these signs occur—or other more obvious problems happen as a result of the coming East Tennessee spring storms—contact us for the most trustworthy and experienced professional garage door repair in Knoxville.

Need Additional Help?

We can help you understand what happened as a result of the storm damage, what your best options are for a garage door system repair or partial/full replacement, the costs associated with your options, and immediate scheduling for the work to be done for customers in Knox, Anderson, Roane, Union, Grainger, Hamblen, Jefferson, Sevier, Blount, and Loudon counties. 

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