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How To Find The Cheapest Garage Door

How To Find The Cheapest Garage Door

Knoxville Garage Door CompanyMany times Overhead Door of Knoxville customers don’t know what, if any, are the really important quality differentiators in garage doors and what is just for show. So, instead of needlessly up-selling customers to a garage door with unnecessary features, or carelessly offering a garage door that doesn’t meet a customer's needs, we focus on learning our customer’s desires and needs to provide the right garage door for every customer’s home.

 At Overhead Door Company of Knoxville, we often get asked, “What is the cheapest garage door available?” We offer affordable garage doors to all customers in the Greater Knoxville Area alongside a good selection of garage doors with a variety of beneficial features that could potentially be a better fit for many.

 Our goal is to help customers make a well-informed decision when buying their garage door. That’s why we’ve put together this short guide on “How To Find The Cheapest Garage Door”. Our intention with this guide is to provide honest information that all garage door shoppers should know—including some key considerations to make when purchasing your garage door—so every customer can be certain to get the value they want out of their new garage door for the best price possible. 

Key Consideration 1: The Myth of Higher Cost = Longer Garage Door Life

Knoxville Garage Door CompanyA common misconception among many garage door shoppers is that purchasing a more expensive garage door will provide them a garage door with a longer usable life. Unfortunately, that is not the case. 

The average usable life expectancy from a garage door is not significantly associated with the cost of that garage door. There are other important factors that play a key role in extending the useful life of a garage door, including the material durability mentioned above and the care and maintenance that is provided by the owner. Even so, most garage doors have a very similar useful life expectancy.

So, if you hear that a more expensive door will last you far longer, now you know that spending more money doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get more years of use.

Key Consideration 2: Garage Door Durability

Knoxville Garage Door CompanyThe durability of a garage door is impacted most by the material from which the garage door is made. Common lack of durability concerns are bumping, bending, warping, and buckling. If something happens to the door (which most of us experience at some point in the average lifespan of a garage door), cheaper doors will most likely be ruined or need significant repairs, while more durable options will be unfazed or be easily repaired. 

A common choice for an affordable and durable garage door material is steel. Steel is stronger than many of the more economy-priced garage door materials, but it is still very reasonably priced. Steel garage doors won’t bend so easily and aren’t as likely to buckle if they happen to close on an unexpected object (where weaker paneled materials would almost certainly need replacement).

In addition, thicker and stronger garage door materials typically offer a better manufacturer’s warranty, which is valuable to all garage door owners if an issue should arise. So, durability is a key consideration for almost any garage door shopper in the Greater Knoxville Area and it’s important to select the right material for your expectations and needs.

Key Consideration 3: Insulated Garage Doors vs. Non-Insulated Garage Doors

Knoxville Garage Door CompanyAt Overhead Door of Knoxville, we believe in the beneficial features that a good insulated garage door offers. They can help with heating and cooling costs, allow for continued garage use year-round, protect vital home infrastructure, and provide additional durability—among a variety of useful qualities. 

However, while insulated garage doors are a great benefit to many customers, they simply are not needed by all of the folks who are looking to purchase a garage door. As part of our commitment to an honest and accurate consultative approach to providing new garage door options to our customers, we often tell garage door shoppers that they don’t need to spend the extra money on an insulated garage door. Follow the checklist below to determine when getting an insulated garage door might be wasteful spending.

When NOT to get an insulated garage door:

  • No insulation in garage
  • No living space above the garage
  • Garage is detached and without HVAC
  • No water lines present in the garage
  • No climate controlled storage needs
  • Not used as a workshop, hangout, or other space where a good amount of time is spent in the garage

If the checklist is full, an insulated garage door is likely to be an unnecessary expense. If, however, one or some of these aren’t checked, it may be a good idea to ask about the benefits of an insulated garage door from one of Overhead Door of Knoxville’s residential sales experts. We’ll be happy to help by providing an honest and thorough evaluation of your expectations, needs, and desires.

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