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Stylish New Garage Doors Help Spring Cleanup & Curb Appeal

Spring has arrived in East Tennessee, and you know what that means— lots of cleaning, storms, and selling. Are you prepared? We can help you tackle this season—in style—in just one day!

Cover the Clutter

With "Spring cleaning" ahead, you may be dreading the mess that occurs during the process of organizing your home. While the goal of "Spring cleaning" is thorough organization and home improvement each year, the disorganization that occurs from clearing out the house feels like it defeats the purpose. And, if you're like most people in the Knoxville area when you clean your house, the garage seems to catch all the clutter. Here’s a “Spring cleaning" idea: Use Overhead Door Co. of Knoxville's selection of beautiful and stylish garage doors, to disguise the garage mess and give your home a major renovation at the same time. This way you knock out out two birds with one stone this Spring, and enjoy your home improvement project year after year.

Home Makeover in a Day

Covering your clutter in style accomplishes more than just overcoming a "Spring cleaning" obstacle. In just one day, you can start and finish your "Home Makeover" renovation project with a beautiful brand new garage door. Thinking about moving soon? Buyers will fall in love with the way a new garage door looks. If your garage door is street-facing, there's no easier or faster way to drastically improve your home's curb appeal than upgrading your door. Even if your roots are planted for the foreseeable future, your home will be much more attractive whenever you do want to sell it down the road. Besides, you'll love the view coming home to your newly renovated home each and every day.


Springtime in East Tennessee can be beautiful—April showers bring May flowers, right? Somewhere in that children's rhyme, the author forgot about the high winds and hail storms that come with Spring in the Knoxville area. Who will you call when those storms damage your garage door? Be wary of unrecognized garage door companies, as reports of many homeowners being deceived by misdiagnoses and overcharging for services (by hundreds of dollars!) are common. That's not Overhead Door Co. of Knoxville, though. We have established a top-notch, honest reputation and are locally-owned by a great family who has been in business since 1936. So when those storms come and damage your garage door, trust Overhead Door Co. to repair it.

The Heat Wave

With Spring comes warmer temperatures and comfortable, sunny days in East Tennessee. Those days won't last long before the heat gets sweltering, though. Install the perfect solution to the rising temperature in your garage before it becomes a large oven by choosing an insulated garage door when you upgrade your home. By selecting an insulated garage door, you'll make sure the garage is still a comfortable place for work, play, or whatever you need all summer long—and for years to come.

It's Refund Season!

Ready to upgrade your home, but not ready to make the jump because of finances? Consider saving your tax refund for a long-term investment that improves the appearance and increases the value of your home. It's an easy way to get what is essentially a free home makeover!

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